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Our waterproof document pouches keep paperwork dry. Whatever the weather or sea state, our waterproof pouches keep important paperwork nice and dry. From Letter paper-friendly & transparent waterproof map cases, to small & large waterproof cases, not a drop will touch your maps, passports, cash or other paper-based items.

Multipurpose waterproof case medium

$20.27 $28.95
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OverBoard Waterproof Multipurpose Case - Medium

Multipurpose Waterproof Case - Medium

$20.27 $28.95

Designed for avid travelers, the medium-sized OverBoard Multipurpose Waterproof Case is perfect for using as a waterproof wallet and protecting passports, credit cards, ID cards, cash and small gadgets like iPods, cameras and phones.Thanks to our Slide Seal System™, this water...

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